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this daydream

sarah's poetry
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sarah's poetry
All poetry on this page by Sarah Elizabeth Waller Dail, 1997-2005,
unless otherwise noted
You can take me down
You can show me your home
not the place where you live
but the place where you belong
You can bend my ear
we can talk all day
just make sure I'm around when you've finally got something to say
-Glen Phillips, Toad the Wet Sprocket
Between The Past
The only things that are certain are death and change
I just smile and pretend I know what's going on
I just smile and pretend I'm not dying inside
for what it's worth
what's your world worth?
and I wonder what you would do without me, were I just to slip away
how soon would you forget me
or would you think about me every day
I can't stand this interlude
it's like an unfinished sentence
this time between the past
and the endless uncertainty of the future
I used to like presents
for what it's worth, I gave you my best
not my fault if it wasn't enough
all this turmoil surrounds me
like I am drowning in the sea
a whirlpool of bad luck maybe
or just bad choices
and if I turn around to try and find
the path I took to get here
it has been covered over with snow
I guess I'll never know
where I took that first fatal wrong turn
the birds ate my breadcrumbs anyway
but oh, to go back to where it all began to go wrong
I have everything except the one thing I need
Due West
a million miles from home
or it feels as far
and the road, at night
violins on the radio
and pictures in my head
due west and getting nowhere
straight down and clawing back again
been too far to turn back now
and still I run away
visible in every direction
and still out of reach
so close, by the feel of it
not the place where I live
but the place where I belong
due west and getting nowhere
straight down and clawing back again
been too far to turn back now
and still I run away
(for Claire)
Two little girls
stood hand in hand
their lives before them
like a faerie land
in search of stars
the adventure began
over hills, through valleys
together they ran
Two bright eyed girls
stood hand in hand
realising potential
and their need to understand
in search of truth
and asking why
when answers hurt
together they cried
Two young women
srood hand in hand
emotions on fire
when flames were fanned
in search of love
in all the wrong places
when put to the test
together they faced it
Two best friends
stood hand in hand
looking back
on their faerie land
the time had come
for each to understand
the greatest treasure
was holding her hand
After All Is Said And Done
So what now?
after all is said and done
I find that sometimes
battles thought lost are won
kinda like when Superman
came back from the dead
little things like that are always
screwing with my head
so, who are you?
what gives you the right
the priveledge to say
who's wrong and who's right?
I may be crazy
but you are the one
who gets put away
when all is said and done
kinda like yesterday
as the sun went down
I couldn't figure
why you never stayed around
will you miss me
after we're old
and all our dreams
are long since sold?
so, my friend
you who can see
through my act
and the shit that I breed
how will I know?
how long should I wait?
I don't want to hear
that it's now too late
And now, Superman
here's my kryptonite
I'm so tired
of putting up a fight
it's over, I'm gone
you ask too much
baiting me with hopes
I just can't touch
and after you realise
what you've lost
you'll be the one
to pay the cost
no answers for your questions
my battle is won
I'll be OK
after all is said and done
How can you still stand to be around me
after what you've seen
what you've heard
what you know
Do you really think I care what they think?
guess my vision's blurred
looking for my god
and finding well- you
killing off free spirits
yeah, don't you love my genocide
so that's why everyone runs and hides
I thought it was me
every time I talk they grow
further and further away
hell, they all say
that eternity's getting shorter
guess I won't love him so long after all
So, what time is it anyway?
tried to keep a light heart
but I lost my jump start
tried to let it all roll away
but there's always more left to say
tried to give it all I could
but I still seem to be misunderstood
tried, I tried, but what could I do?
Would you believe me if I said it was all for you?
No, probably not, and that's good too.
Do you want to see my head hung low?
I can put on a damn good show
and I guess someday they all will know
that I still haven't changed
yeah, in the fourth grade
we had no idea we were freaks
ran around on the playground
threatening the boys with kisses
then kicking them in the shins
looking back on old school pictures
can't believe we actually wore those
green zebra striped leggings
we hit sixth grade and promptly
forgot our locker combinations
introduced to lust walking
in neatly pressed Z. Cavariccis
a whole new world
complete with anorexic cheerleaders
horrified by the feeling that
we weren't ever gonna match
freshman year the decision was made
to flaunt our individuality
or maybe just offer it up as sacrifice
trying to pull as much over on our parents
as was necessary to impress our friends
sneaking cigarettes under the bleachers
in our ratty jeans and Doc Martens
at seventeen we were convinced
that we'd seen it all
and walked around acting jaded
even though we were scared to death
and rightly so, 'cause two years later
everyone found themselves stuck
with a life of their own to lead
and still feeling like children
I miss my footie PJ's
who am I
to undertake
this vast task
of understanding
who you are?
why should I care?
I've better things to do
you say
as you take my hand
and lead me
to your home
not the place where you live
but the place where you
here is me
you say
and into you
I fall
deeper until
I can't believe it
I say
you're just like me
you say
and now you know
you say
if I want to
I'll have you
here for
and I for
and that wasn't
so bad
after all